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How it works

We use software that scrapes the Internet to figure out which stocks are being mentioned more often.

From there we filter through all the noise using natural language processing and sentiment analysis. This lets us hear about stocks the Internet is getting excited about before it’s on the homepage of CNBC.

Our team of analysts then dig deep into 2-3 of these stocks to give you a breakdown on:

- What they do
- Why they're spiking in interest
- Why they're valuable
- What the growth opportunities are
- Potential risks to look out for

You'll get our weekly report sent straight to your inbox every Wednesday at 9am sharp (PST).

Who is Ticker Nerd for?

Ever felt overwhelmed trying to figure out which stock to jump on next? Only hear about a stock after the stock price blows up? Ticker Nerd is for you.

Don’t have hours to spend diving into stocks? Our weekly report takes less than 5 minutes to read.

We don't make huge predictions, spam you with marketing emails or force you into more expensive plans.

How we help you get a head start in the market

Hear about stocks before they blow up.
Get insights you won't find anywhere else.
Save 20+ hours of research per week.
No more complicated tools or dashboards.
No noise. Signal only.
Fun to read. Easy to digest.

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Jorge Albinagorta

Founding Director @Extend

“I am very impressed with the Ticker Nerd service. The last thing I have time for is to scan for relevant stock market info in different places and with varied degrees of research quality.  Very much looking forward to receiving my 2-3 breakdowns every week.”

Tim Trpezanovski

Finance Alumni @UoW

"I trade US large cap stocks a fair bit. I like the fact they choose stocks based on the spike in social mentions but also the future growth prospects of the company. This is super useful and now my team are also reading the newsletters each week"

Morris Sued

Founder @GetKosher

“Quick digestible bits with the pros/cons of a few handpicked stocks by the editors, makes this newsletter a great read. They give you what you need to make an informed buying decision and 'weed' out all the noice on social media. Did really nicely with TLRY, their first recommendation!”

Paul Jansen

Owner @Graphue

"I really love the concept of Ticker Nerd and the guys behind it seem to know their stuff. I'm busy running Graphue but I like to get this weekly newsletter which gives me everything I need to know in bite-size format"

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What you get with a Ticker Nerd membership

Stocks, stocks and more stocks 💸

There are 6,100 stocks listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq alone.

You’ll get 2-3 stocks sent to your inbox each week.

That’s 100-150 stocks per year.

That might sound like a lot. But you’ll only be hearing about less than 2% of the stocks on the market.

Weekly reports to get you up to speed 💨

Each week you’ll get a quick breakdown on what each company does, why they're growing in interest, why they could become more valuable and what the risks are.

These include insights from:
- Social media data
- Trading data from billionaire hedge fund managers
- Industry statistics
- Recent news and company announcements

All packaged neatly into a report you can read in 5 minutes or less.

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Frequently Asked

Can I see your previous reports?

Yes! Once you become a paying member you will receive access to the archive by navigating to '🔒Reports'. This includes every single edition we've ever published.

Who is Ticker Nerd for?

Ever felt overwhelmed trying to figure out which stock to jump on next? Only hear about a stock after the stock price blows up? Ticker Nerd is for you.

Who is behind this and why?

Ticker Nerd was started by Luc (@lucianoviterale) and Sam (@samuelrenotte).

We’ve always been obsessed with the stock market. Our main strategies have been to look for undervalued companies to hold for the next 10-20 years and betting on stocks that might 5-10x in the short term.

With Ticker Nerd we wanted to build something we always wished existed.

A way to find out which companies might be overhyped or undervalued and even help you find exciting companies you might have never heard of.

We’re always trying to improve. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to DM us on Twitter or send an email to

What is your refund policy and how do I cancel my membership?

No catch, no commitment, cancel anytime. Want to cancel your free trial or membership? Just send an email to

Alternatively, if you've signed up after February 24 2021 you can cancel your membership via your your account. Cancel here.

Please Note: Due to the nature of our content,  we are unable to offer refunds. In more clear language: NO REFUNDS.

What Ticker Nerd doesn't do

Ticker Nerd DOESN'T:

1. Forecast stock prices
2. Suggest stocks to invest in
3. Predict daily stock price movements

Ticker Nerd will save you lots of time but works best when combined with your own research.